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Some stories may not be suitable for younger readers and are rated accordingly.
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Leaving Home the Hard Way
Puckworld has its own share of child abuse, as three ducks know well. M

A Friend and a New Home
Wildwing makes his very first friend, and the Flashblades finally find a nice family. PG

One Fine Day
A day that changed history. G

A Promise
Wildwing, Nosedive and Jadestar try to survive in their new lives as prisoners. PG

Birthday Blues
Who says that birthdays are good? Nosedive begs to differ. G

Canard's little problem with a version of reality... M

Peace of Mind
Wildwing receives the greatest present of all: eternal life. G

An Un-ghost From the Present
How Jadestar arrived on Earth, and what's been happening on Puckworld. G

Clans, Crimefighters and Cartoons
Jadestar's first night out! And something's going on between two other ducks... G

Third Time Lucky
Asteroth's back...nearly. G

Wildwing's always loved and hated one song. A very short story. G

Legally His
Presents sometimes have hidden clauses... G

For the Rest of My Life
Nosedive literally talks someone to death. G

Jail Birds
Wildwing and Jadestar are arrested for taking bribes, the team is split...and time's moving on. Written with Lauren. G

Lessons of the Heart
Duke finally gathers enough courage to ask Mallory out. G

Every Power
When Wraith tries to prove himself, it all goes wrong. But maybe not for the Ducks... G

Truth Hurts
Jadestar's been keeping a secret: Puckworld is being ruled by an evil Canard! PG

Woman's Business
A PWP written one night on growing up. M

Mission Improbable
Mallory's on a personal quest. Not everyone is happy about it. Written with Nylessa. G

A Quarter to Midnight
This is one safe that Duke can't crack. Mainly because he's inside it. G

Akaji De: Familiar Stranger
Jadey, I don't think you're in California anymore... G

The Star in the South
The Ducks get more than they bargained for when they go back in time to assassinate King Canard. M
Part One - Trusting Disorder
Part Two - Travelers
Part Three - Double Death
Part Four - The Wrong Beginning
Part Five - Unknown Hero
Part Six - What's Simple For Some...

A Romantic Dinner For Four
Just how serious is Duke about Mallory? And what's so bad about braten ente? G

And Then There Were Two
An event that happened two years after Jadestar came to Earth. PG-M

Second Chance
The direct sequel to 'And Then There Were Two'. Kasar's giving the twins another shot at their team mates' lives. But is it worth it? Written with Kasar. PG-M

Welcome to My World
Saurians in the Pond, and the twins are trapped. There's only one way out. G

Hard Won
Jadestar gets up one night and soon there's one more duck to mourn. MA15+