The Star in the South
Part Six - What's Simple For Some...

Where are the answers to these troubled days?
Can we find a better way to live? No one listens to what you say.
Does it matter anyway, if your innocence gets blown away?

'Children of the Western World' - Steve Grace
The Ducks stepped out into the Ready Room. The earlier versions of themselves were just about to go with Chaos.

"No!" Wildwing yelled. "Don’t trust her! Don’t go! We did, and now Puckworld is a mess, a Saurian is in charge, and the twins are dead!"

That was all the earlier Wildwing needed. He turned to Chaos. "We’ve changed our mind."

Suddenly the room was empty except for the ducks that had just exited the portal.

"What happened?" Mallory asked the air.

"Oh, well, we had to get you back in your own time, so you’ve just sort of replaced them. Everything on Puckworld should be normal again, it only happened in your memories. We would have just left them, and erased you," Thlayli said carelessly "But for some reason Fate wanted you to remember about the dangers of time travel." She shrugged. "Time should be bringing Nosedive and Jadestar back any moment."

As if one cue Time showed up, deposited the twins (who were unharmed) and left without a word.

"Uh, thanks!" Nosedive called after her.

"Don’t mind her, she’s just a little annoyed at cleaning up Chaos’s mess, that’s all. Everyone OK?" Thlayli looked around at the slightly bewildered Ducks. "Good. Well, catch you on the flip side!" She created a mechanical portal, and vanished through.

"I know I’m confused." Duke commented.

"At least things turned out OK." Tanya mumbled. "I’m going to bed."

"Food!" Mallory cheered. She headed off for the kitchen. Nosedive, Jadestar and Grin followed.

Wildwing stood silently, deep in thought.

"You coming?" Duke asked.

"What? Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out how something that was so complicated could be fixed so easily."

"Don’t fight it," Duke grinned. "I think you’ll just give yourself a headache. Now, the fridge calls!" He headed off.

Wildwing gave a half-smile. "Well, it’s over." He left to find the others.

Story Copyright Rachel Baker '98. Jadestar, all the elements, Matthew, Mary, King Canard, Menta and Thlayli also Copyright Rachel Baker. All other characters Copyright Disney, and used without permission.