Every Power
Dedicated to Rebecca, because she’s a great girl, and because she asked about how this story was going.

Wraith brooded moodily, pacing back and forth across the floor of his chambers. The fire that kept his cold blood warm sputtered and died quietly. The old reptile’s mind raced with images. Memories of the lectures he and his ‘art’ had endured over the years. "Tonight it ends." he hissed. Closing his eyes briefly, he got to work.


The twins were on the roof of the Pond. They hadn’t been doing much, jack-all really, but that was what they did best.

Jadestar smiled. "Instead of star-watching, we’re ‘city-light’ watching."

Nosedive grinned. "Brace yourself, but I think I know why."

His sister feigned amazement. "Impart your wisdom, oh great one."

The teen closed his eyes serenely and put his hands together, bowing. "Beautiful lady who seeks knowledge, know this. Absolute light lights absolutely." He nodded, eyes still shut. "In words you may understand, my child, we are city-light watching because we are in the city." He laughed good-naturedly at the well aimed slap that caught his shoulder.

"You need a brain transplant."

"Oh, the Frankenstein impressions I could do…"


The duck-skull stuff glowed as Wraith finished his incantations. He carefully opened one eye, then the other. "Yes!" he gloated gleefully. "Dragaunus and his stupid lackeys will never question the Dark Powers again!" He folded his arms with a smirk. "I wish that the Mighty Ducks were trapped in that cage." He pointed to the spot and waited.

And waited.

The old Saurian’s face fell, and he flocked through his books. "Why didn’t that work?" he asked the air. He groaned as he realised why. "I should have said ‘Wraith’ instead of ‘The Mighty Ducks’! Oh, if they realise…" He shook the disturbing mental ideas away. "Well, they only have a few minutes to act. It will be quite fine…Dragaunus will never know."


Jadestar lay flat on her back on the roof. She sighed. "I wish we could see the stars AND the lights."

Suddenly the sky lit up.

The twins looked at each other, then at the sky, then back to each other.

"Umm…I wish the rest of the team were up here with us." Nosedive said slowly.

Wildwing, Mallory, Duke, Tanya and Grin nearly fainted as they found themselves teetering on the edge of the roof.

Nosedive pulled Jadestar to her feet. "So, been rubbing any lamps lately?"

"What just happened?" Mallory queried? The youngest ducks looks at Tanya.

"How am I meant to know?!"

"You know everything!" Jadestar protested.

Wildwing cleared his throat, gaining everyone’s attention. "Did you two do this?" he asked his siblings.

"Sorta. We just wish for things!" Nosedive shrugged.

"Well, I wish I knew what was going on!" Duke exclaimed. A funny look crossed his face. "An’ now I do…"


Wraith held his breath as the sand trickled out of the hour glass. Almost there…


"What?" Grin asked Duke.

"No time to explain!" Duke clenched his fists. "I wish…"


The last grain of sand landed in the lower half of the glass. Wraith actually smiled. "No harm done."


"…That Dragaunus an’ his goons were dead!"

All the ducks held their breath. After a moment, Duke hung his head. "Too late."

"You wanna, y’know, explain?" Tanya looked at him. Duke sighed.

"Wraith accidentally cast a spell on us giving us unlimited wishes for a few minutes. We lucked out by a few seconds."

Mallory slamed her right fist into her left palm. "We lost that chance by that little? So close!"

Wildwing patted her shoulder. "We’re getting nearer."

Jadestar despondently kicked at the railing, and glanced up. "At least we got the stars."

Everyone turned their faces to the night sky. Wildwing put an arm around each of the twins shoulders, and Duke took Mallory’s hand.

"We’ll get him next time." Wildwing sounded confident and sure, and, in the semi-dark, they all believed.

Story is Copyright Rachel Baker ’99. All characters except Jadestar Copyright Disney, and used without permission. Jadestar is Copyright Rachel Baker ’99, with all rights reserved.