There's no time line here; each story stands on it's own unless stated otherwise.
Some have plots, some don't.
May include themes or scenes not suitable for younger readers.
Stories open in a new window.

Different Worlds
Mallory and Duke's first meeting...

Not what the Ducks wanted to return to. But it's a new beginning for a world.

Here We Stay

The Saurians have a new fatal weapon. But is all as it looks?

Justice Done
Home at last...

Lest We Forget Again
More poetry. Written around Anzac Day.

Look Both Ways
A lesson in driving...face the road!

Moving On

One Night in a Million
Perhaps Duke and Mallory have misjudged each other, just a little. Written with Leila.

One On One
The sequel to the episode 'Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome'.

Something They Do
Ducks, drugs, and depression don't go together.

Stephanie's Story
Written for my younger sister for her birthday.

The Turning
How hard would it be for Duke back on Puckworld?

What If...?
Ever think how different an episode could be if one little thing happened?