What If...?

The wind blew strongly across the car park of the hockey stadium. Leaves blew every which way. There was a game being played in the stadium, that was certain from the cheering that could be heard from outside.

A squad car screeched to a halt at the main entrance, it’s siren winding down wearily. A plain clothed pot-bellied man with mussed red hair got out, and slammed the door, his trenchcoat waving in the wind.

"Wait here." he ordered the driver. He started walking to the door.

A newspaper carried by the gusts of air wrapped it's self round his leg. He gave a grunt of surprise, bent down, and picked it up. He opened it.

"Mystery ducks foil bank heist." he mumbled, looking at a shadowy photo of the six stars of the article. His eyes roamed further down the page, to fall on his own picture. His headline read ‘Cop angered by duck headline’. He growled dangerously, wearing the same expression as was pictured in the photo-angry. He crumpled the paper into a ball, and threw it behind him.

"I can remember when a duck was a meal, not a headline." he grumbled, and he went inside.


"Well, this is sad news indeed for duck fans!" the announcer called in his bright yellow suit as he watched the game. "It looks like the Mighty Ducks season long winning streak may be coming to an end! They’re tired with the Maine Cohogs with 40 seconds remaining, and Cohog centre Don Luposko is aiming to score again!"

The two players skating next to Luposko were checked, but Luposko shot the puck towards the goal. The goalie slid to the ground, and stopped the puck.

"Oh, a spectacular save by the Mighty Ducks goalie Wildwing! Not only are these ducks mighty, they’re really ducks!"

A red headed female duck flicked the puck back into the game.

"Another deflection by Mallory!"

"Puck deployed." Mallory said in a satisfied voice.

A grey feathered duck literally skated rings around his opponent, and stole the puck easily.

"And a typically flashy steal by Duke!" the announcer cheered.

A blond haired female skated with the puck, a Cohog hot on her tail. "Three, uh, two, uh, one, now!" She stopped suddenly and the Cohog went flying over her head as she ducked.

"Tanya catches the Cohogs right defence man by surprise!"

Three Cohogs started to skate up the ice. "But oh, the Cohogs take it back! And Grin checks the entire Cohog offence!"

A hugely muscular grey duck had slammed the three players against the barrier, muttering ‘Become one with the boards’. He shot the puck towards the goal, but it was kept out by the goalie. The crowd groaned.

The puck flew to where a younger looking duck with blond hair stood. He grabbed the puck and skated up.

"Lucy, I’m home!" he sang, making a face before he shot. The goalie’s eyes widened.

"Nosedive shoots….he scores!" the suited man almost screamed into the mike.

Nosedive bent low on the ice, punching the air repeatedly. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah!" he cheered, overjoyed at his shot.

The crowd counted down the remaining time on the clock. "Three…two…one!" The buzzer sounded, and the crowd screamed with delight, waving signs and blowing quackers.

"An incredible come from behind victory for the Mighty Ducks!" called the man, almost feeling like copying Nosedive’s dance.

The winning team gathered in the centre of the ice, slamming their sticks together. "Ducks ROCK!" they cheered..


We all know the story well.

Hello. I am the author. Welcome to the world of my mind. The world of the ‘what if’. Please let me tell you stories that you already know. With twists.


"It needs to consume some sort of matter." Tanya yells over the roaring in her ears as the billed plane flew through the Dimensional Gateway.

"Any particular kind?" Duke calls back.

"Well, no. But the bigger the better."

And without another word Grin throws himself overboard.


Dragaunus holds the data cylinder high. "Who on this wretched planet will dare to stop me now?"

The cop who was formerly on the floor points his gun. "You’re looking at him! I’ve got two…" But then Dragaunus simply shoots him while the cop is talking. Why should he wait to be shot?


It’s a dirty alley on Puckworld. There are two skinny brother ducks, talking to a muscular male with easy familiarity even though they haven’t been together for months.

The healthiest one bends down to speak to the smallest. "Beat it kid, before you get hurt."

The white feathered one, whom the third duck has come to collect, places a hand on Nosedive’s shoulder. "If you want me, then my brother’s part of the deal." Nosedive folds his arms and looks cross.

Canard takes a deep breath, and speaks to Wildwing. "I’m afraid that’s not possible."

"Why not?" the blond whines.

"You’re too young," Canard says simply, still looking at Wildwing. "The military can not take you into it’s compounds during a time of war, or allow you to come on any of it’s missions."

Wildwing puts his hand on his brother’s back, and starts steering him back to the slave lines. "Come on Nosedive. I’m not leaving you." Nosedive feels he should protest, but he doesn’t want to be alone.

They slip back into the line, and Canard sadly gazes after them, hands bound by red tape.


The buzz-ball and the patrol-bots come towards the two males, the ball whirring electricity, and the bots shooting. The taller man, the duck in the armour, shields the other with his body. The plump red headed human does not seem to notice the danger the duck is taking to protect him. "Do me a favour next time, just get a dog!"

The duck, whose name is Wildwing, ignores him, and tries to think what to do. Thankfully, the answer comes. He aims to shoot the ground, to create a underground haven for the two. But Klegghorn is clinging to his arm, and he suddenly grabs on tight, accidentally moving Wildwing’s gun. The blast goes to their right.

Wildwing picks up Klegghorn roughly under the armpits and almost throws him in the hole. He tries to jump in after the ungrateful man, but it’s too late.

"Alright! Game over for the duck and the cop!" The Chameleon is half right.


The two male ducks gasp with astonishment as they see their female team mate in her maroon finery.

"Mallory’s a babe!" the blond one hoots.

"Oh, Mal-Mal, you have been hiding your light under a hockey uniform!" the grey duck says with appreciation.

"Say Duke, wanna compete for her affectectionists?" the blond one grins, half considering his idea seriously.

The two males look at each other, thinking. "Mmmmmm….NAH!" they say together, and continue walking.


Not different, you say? Try thinking about what could have been going through Nosedive’s and Duke’s mind before they agreed in the negative.


"Switch to auxiliary power!" Dragaunus cries. Siege continues pushing buttons.

"I’m trying!"


"They’re heading straight for Anaheim!"


The red war ship crashes on the ground, destroying anything in a 100m radius, and damaging anything in a 200m radius.


"There goes Dragaunus!" Nosedive cheers, punching the air.

"There goes our ticket home." Wildwing says in a quieter voice.

"Yeah, and there goes a good sized hunk of Anaheim too." Mallory comments dryly.

Nosedive makes a face. "I’m not cleaning that one up." The others all give him looks.

"We kinda made that mess." Duke points out, granting Grin and Tanya an extra glance. Grin smiles toothily.

"I’ll get the mops." Tanya sighs, moving to the back of the Aerowing.

None of these stories are really Copyright Rachel Baker ’98, but she did change them from Disney’s version. All characters are Copyright Disney, and are used without permission.