Here We Stay
It’s a place without windows, my prison, my home
Built of cold hard steel, emotions never sown
The temperature’s chill, a simulation of old
The roof’s nice and high, with a colour of gold
Privateness is not an option, unconsidered in design
Symbolic of my struggle, this private hell of mine
Trapped here with ducks who I’m forced to call friends
We play the blessed release that this planet lends
Battle is a sordid way of life, a state of mind
Bringing up sick feelings on which I’ve tried to draw a blind
Sad, sombre and dejected, melancholy fear detected
Every part of life infected with the evil we’ve rejected
Maybe we’ll make it back, we could win, we have dreams
But if you cut to the quick, there’s no one here who believes
It’s here we are, and it’s here we’ll likely stay
So we hide behind our defenses and pretend it’s all okay
Copyright Rachel Baker '98