Lest We Forget Again
They build their houses slowly
Ever aware that it's happened before
They had the signs, but few believed
Why should they heed a legend's warning?
Who believes in fairy tales?
Now they've paid, once again
With their lives and their children's blood
Has it happened over and over?
Ancient wars since the dawn of time?
Fighting it out for a piece of land
Innocence broken every hundred generations
This time, they won’t let it die
Preparations for the next fight starting
And maybe next the millennium will bring victory
Instead of bitter-sweet freedom
`Write it down,' they urge each other
`Don't let your pain be uncompensated
Pray we don't forget once more
Remember those who gave their lives
For your freedom, for your right to life
Let not their sacrifice and warnings go unheeded
Fight and fight for the will to survive'
And when all there is has been said and done
May Drake help them, every one
Copyright Rachel Baker '98