Set in the Brotherhood universe that was begun by Leila and continued by countless others. Go here for more details.
These stories are in chronological order and concern Puckworld, post-Invasion. Duke has rejoined the Brotherhood with Nosedive as his apprentice. That's the short story. The longer version is far more interesting...
Most of the characters featured here are fan-created.
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The Tenth Year
Marshall's first encounter with the Kabari, a rival clan.

Marshall is the highest ranking Blader left after the Invasion...will he lead?

Terra Nullis or Not
The Brotherhood have moved back into the old Lair... is it as empty as they think?

Learning to Fly
How many places can an escaped Brotherhood boy hide?

To Prove His Worth
You can't just run away and then come back. All isn't forgiven.

The Story in Which Stuff Happens
Shockwave finally finds a silver lining in his cloud. Written with Starsong.

A Piece of Twisted Silver
Dude, the Brotherhood brat, might have a very good reason for her actions, but will Duke realise in time?

Outlaw In-laws
What started out as a bet has gone a whole lot further...Mallory, a thief?

If Only I'd Thought at the Door
Nosedive's thoughts on his situation.

Akaji De: Familiar Stranger
It looks like Nosedive, it talks like it Nosedive?

The Flash
Is Ender really ready to start afresh?

Moving On Up
Cutter joins forces with his old 'frienimies' to hack the Brotherhood mainframe.

Let It Go
Some people don't believe they deserve a happy ending...

Fatal Foetal Attraction
An 'alternate universe' BotB story.

MiST: Matters of the Heart
Our first MiST! Original story by Lana, done with permission!